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It's About A Dog

By Maggie Couch

It's About A Dog

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue


Oliver the Owl isn’t used to caring about dogs. To Oliver’s way of thinking, dogs can’t be trusted. They eat birds, after all.

But then a black dog—with some white spots—ends up living under the tree he calls home; Oliver discovers he can’t ignore, can’t forget, and can’t fly away from the plight of his fellow being. Will the neglected and chained black dog ever receive the happy ending Oliver believes he deserves?

Oliver narrates the dog’s tale from a new and unique perspective; his viewpoint is sure to touch the hearts of all who read It’s About a Dog.

Foster Doggie Insanity:
Tips and Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent

By Tamira Thayne

Foster Doggie Insanity

Updated and Revised Edition
of Scream Like Banshee

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Have you ever fostered a dog—happy to make a difference—but wondered why you felt frustrated and alone in your experience? Do you want to foster a dog, but don't know where to start, how to prepare, and what to expect? Have you experienced burnout or compassion fatigue in your rescue experience? If so, this is the book for you. Described as "an embrace from a friend who understands what we all go through; it is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know they are not alone—a must-read for anyone involved in rescue."

The image you see on the cover of this book is not ‘real’ life. It’s how Thayne wishes doggie foster parenting could be—she walks her tiny foster doggie down the street, the red leash matching Thayne’s designer pumps, her couture dress swaying with each sexy stride. And then once in awhile, oops, Princess and she get tangled in the leash. Goodness Gracious! But soon they’re back in sync again, swishing their way up the block, being envied by all those who wish they were as cute a couple as Thayne and her foster doggie are.

Ah!...but who is Thayne kidding. That’s not her reality, and it’s probably not yours either. Fostering is not for wimps, cowards, or the otherwise mess-or-insanity-challenged. It’s hard and emotionally draining work, and there are days we all could use an understanding shoulder to cry on. You are not alone! Let Foster Doggie Insanity be there for you.

Praise for the first edition of this book, Scream Like Banshee: “I regularly buy books with a rescue theme but always felt a bit disappointed because there hasn’t been a book that portrayed my rescue experiences. So I wasn’t really prepared for Tamira Ci Thayne's book. It is the most honest account of the perils and pitfalls as well as the joy and fulfillment that rescue volunteers face daily. The book was beautifully written and brutally honest… ”Amy Snyder, Volunteer for Dachshund Rescue of North America

A Doggie Hero is Born

By Rocky Shepheard

A Doggie Hero is Born

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Romp through the wilds on a good old-fashioned adventure with pals Worthless, Sly Fox, and Otto. Worthless (as he’s called by his no-good captor) remains chained to his rickety old doghouse yet longs to be free and loved. His best friends step in and find a way to break his chains, and their quest for a new home takes off.Times get tough, but in the end will they win all the love they are searching for, and just maybe a new name for Worthless?

Written and illustrated by Rocky Shepheard, this Children’s Action/Adventure is full of both excitement and rich, magnificent illustrations to thrill your audience and teach a lesson in compassion and humane treatment of Man’s Best Friend.

Perfect for all kids, young and old, this story is a wonderful way to educate children at home or in schools.

“This book will lead readers of all ages to more fully understand the true nature of "man's best friend" with a common-sense, compassionate approach that can change the world for the better."Dan Piraro, creator of "Bizarro"

Capitol in Chains: 54 Days
of the Doghouse Blues

By Tamira Thayne

Capitol in Chains

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

In August 2010, one woman carried a doghouse to the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building and chained herself to it, seeking passage of a law protecting dogs from life at the end of a chain.

Not knowing if she’d be arrested, ignored, or ridiculed, she set aside her fears and acted on behalf of the voiceless: dogs—the most social of beings—whose needs have been overlooked by those with the power to create chain-ge for their future.

This is her story, and the story of the 54 days she and others spent chained at the bottom of the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. May you be inspired, entertained, and educated about the needs of Man’s Best Friend, and how these needs continue to be negated in today’s society.

"Sleepy today and blaming Tamira Thayne! Okay not her in person, but her inspiring and heartfelt book, Capitol in Chains. I needed to study for a quiz tonight and NOT be up at 3:00 a.m. reading the rest of the book. I am in awe. THANK YOU and BLESS YOU."—Stephanie S. Scott, Virginia

Second Edition. Includes Legislative updates, plus an 11-year History of Chain Off and the Doghouse Wedding.

The Puppy Who Left
Puddles on the Floor

By Lorena Estep

Puddles on the Floor

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Chance is a beagle puppy who is just like every other dog—he wants a home and a family to love him. When he loses his first home and is sent to the shelter, he is devastated—until he is adopted by a boy and his mother, and life seems like it will be good again.

But he has a little problem with leaving “puddles on the floor.” Without the proper training, he ends up in a horrible place—stuck at the end of a chain.

Like all dogs, he remains faithful to his family, and patiently waits for love to return.

A twist of fate sets him free to seek a better life. Will Chance finally find the loving inside home and family he deserves?

"I just received The Puppy Who Left Puddles On The Floor, and have read it three times. What an awesome educational tool this is! I AM IMPRESSED, and I encourage YOU to order multiple copies to distribute in your area.” —Pauline Larsen, Columnist, Humane Educator

Kirkus Review: “A superb collection of [short] stories about the most elemental of bonds.”

Listed by Kirkus Review as “one of the best indie books of 2015.”

Author Jill Kearney writes stories drawn from her experiences as an in-home care provider and a dog rescuer in the impoverished rural southwestern corner of Washington state. “I began writing almost as a compulsion,” she said. “I met people and animals and got into situations that just demanded to be described in story form.”

According to Kirkus Review, “Kearney’s impoverished, misfit, outcast characters live mainly on the fictional Sebequet Peninsula, which features a Native American reservation, ramshackle trailer parks and plywood cabins surrounded by trash and rusting metal. In this zone of squalor and despair, people’s connections with animals are, for many, their only links to life.

"Kearney’s prose is elegant and unfussy, with threads of humor and lyricism. She has an excellent eye for settings and ear for dialogue, and she treats her characters, and their relationships with their pets, with a cleareyed, unsentimental sensitivity and psychological depth.”